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DJ Bullets - Buffalo, NY
STYLE: Deep / Funky / Tribal / Minimal / Ethereal / Techno / Tech House / Electro
AFFILIATIONS: Mite Recordings / Glass City Records / DFX Network / 81.3FM WBNY / Silk
WWW: www.miterecordings.com  www.glasscityrecords.com

...I have an autobio, no one knows this better than me...

Ever since I knew what was good for me, I was inclined towards audio.  My first real cognitive memory of techno was in those ass shaking bass cd's you would find randomly in $2 used cd collections.  Being a ex-car audio installer and fanatic, those collections grew immensely.  Although I knew I wasn't quite as Miami as those cd's, the sound really struck a chord with me.

It wasn't until 1997 that I started getting into Techno and Raves.  Due to the fact that Buffalo only had 2 real production companies, Toronto was the spot to be.  I found myself traveling there almost every weekend to hear music from people I never had the chance to.  By going to these parties often, after time I was able to define what kind of music I enjoyed.  (thanks pHryl!) Watching dj's was simply amazing.  It took my view of audio manipulation to a new level.  I was so hung up on the acoustics and physics of sound, that tweaking the actual song was overlooked as a variable.  Seeing what these guys did inspired me.  I took my automatic, shitty, yet still Technics turntable and hooked it up to a Gemini PS-626 mixer.  I added my pitch shifting tape deck and a cd player and I was off.  I would spend hours a night mixing these 3 media.  Like a leotard wearing crack fiend, I was hooked.

Toronto's glory was becoming more faded and I wanted to stay here in Buffalo on most weekends.  Most of the fading was courtesy of US and Canadian customs.  Going out in Buffalo was not much to speak about, but there were a few select places and the occasional party that I enjoyed.  Because I could name the dj's I liked in Buffalo on one hand, it helped me become a dj.  I realized the only way I could hear what I wanted was if I purchased it and played it out myself.  It was right around that time that I hooked up with Buffalo's first real record/rave store, Drool.  Thanks to some archives of vinyl from ex-techno dj's (thanks Soundwave!) I was able to create a good base to my collection.  Over the years that they were open, they helped my record base increase at least one hundredfold.

During my time with Drool, I gained my first weekly residency with Funktion at the Basement.  Fridays at the Basement were some of the best times Iíve had in the Buffalo club scene and i'm sure theres a few more who could say the same.  It was here that I proved my skills to Buffalo.  This essentially started my recurrence as a local professional dj.  Aside from the Basement, I started to make my way into parties and weeklies by other promoters.  Much fun dj'ing on Sundays at the Kingsnake, Wednesdays at the Atomic, and an occasional Thursday at Marcellas.  Parties started to become more of an occurence in Buffalo and I was finding myself on the better majority of the lineups.

In '99, I acquired a radio timeslot at Buffalo State college's 91.3FM WBNY.  The timeslot was a grueling 3-6AM shift on Friday morning that I shared with fellow friend and dj, Jubei.  Since the radio had no turntables or mixer, it was non-standard procedure to bring our own gear.  One word sums up that show; brash.  After a semester of success as Buffalo's first and only Techno show, I was offered the Saturday 9-midnight shift.

Since then, Iíve played for every major promoter in the Buffalo area alongside these dj's: Nigel Richards, Oliver Ho, Hardfloor, Frankie Bones, Christian Smith, Marco Carola, Billy Nasty, Gaetano Parisio, Kenny Glasgow, Angel Alanis, Barry Weaver, Bad Boy Bill, Halo, T-1000, Heather Heart, John Kelley, Mike Parker, 3PO, Mateo Murphy, Eric Davenport, Simply Jeff, Timewriter, DJ Dan, Green Velvet, Carlos, Xotec, and Lee Osborne.  Needless to say i'm flattered.

Next thing I know, I'm writing my own fucking autobiography of djing.  I continue to do the radio show, only now it's live to air from my club night on Saturdays.  The show is broadcast during 9-midnight on 91.3FM WBNY and wbny.buffalostate.edu.  658 Main St.  is now the hub for most all Techno/House in the area and i'm loving it.  I will continue to bring the talent in as long as myself and others enjoy it.  Iíve also been working on audio production, but i'm waiting for my technique to take control.  Releases will take place once the sound moves the house.  Hopefully i'll have some vinyl out next year, we shall see.  See you at the space!

Chad Roy
Dose The Alien
Ian Somniak
Jimmy Samsara
Mike Parker
Scottie B
Sean Place
Sick Puppy
Super D

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