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DJ Cable - Buffalo, NY
STYLE: Drum 'n Bass
AFFILIATIONS: Good Looking Records UK / Gamma Ray Music Toronto / Fused Artist Management
WWW: www.spectraz.nu/cable.htm  www.testflightrecordings.com  www.gammaraymusic.com

Cable has been a champion of cutting edge breaks and bass since 1996.  Growing up, he was inspired by many types of music, but the sounds of such acts as Front 242 and Depeche Mode made an indelible mark.  When he discovered techno, house, and drum-n-bass, he instantly indentified with them, paving the way for Cable to rise as one of the most talented dj/producers in the nation.  Nowadays, he is one of the few dj's in the country consistently representing the progressive sounds of drum-n-bass, offering an alternative to the hard, dark sounds so prevalent in the scene today.

Cable co-founded a radio show called "The Buffalo Underground" with The Concept, Milkdud, Dan Ratel and Stevie Washington.  In time, the show became the city's first source for new beats, and the crew all began to develop as dj's.  The show became "Underground FM", and is now the longest running radio show of its kind on the east coast.  Cable gained international respect when they threw "Submerge", a party dedicated to atmospheric drum-n-bass, and deep house.  This party was the first American appearance for Good Looking Record's producer extraordinaire, Seba, and was the first event of its kind in America.  He soon began his own forays into production, and has since made waves with "How Do You Define?", on Gamma Ray Music, and "Port Cottiers", a collaboration with Gamma Ray co-founder Wizard, due this summer on LTJ Bukem's Good Looking Records.  In fact, Bukem has been supporting both of these tunes, most notably on his recent US tour.  Other djs that have supported Cable's music on the dancefloor include Blame, Nookie, Future Engineers, Sniper, Orion, Mikebee, and ASC.  Cable has also signed tracks to Testflight Recordings, a new label based in Washington DC, and he has done remix work for the Future Engineers.  His music is moody, weaving lush soundscapes with a definite techno and house influence.  Each track is distinct, and Cable has managed to carve out a style uniquely his own.

Cable's skills on the decks are superb.  Blending concise mixing with very sharp, strategic fader cuts, he splices the percussion and basslines of each track, making them seamless, yet destroying the seams.  His sets, including those alongside MC Valiant and fellow dj/producer Chris J (Statra, Svek, Good Looking), have been among the more memorable sets in the northeast, including supporting slots for LTJ Bukem's "Progression Sessions" tours and headlining several events in his own right.  The three of them were recently featured at Buzz in Washington, DC, the biggest weekly club night in the nation.  Cable has played alongside a wide range of artists, including LTJ Bukem, Blame, Total Science, J Majik, Paradox, DJ Rap, Kenny Ken, Dieselboy, Dara, Footloose, Method One, Kaos, Seba, Rantoul, and Marcus Intallex, at some of the biggest events.  Lately, he has been blending atmosphere and texture, with uptempo, bone-rattling beats.  He continues to strive to make the most creative and mind blowing dance music that he can.  He's also turned out a number of amazing house cuts, reflecting a diversity seldom seen in drum-n-bass today.  The future looks bright for Cable, and with more releases to be announced, and more dubplates in his crate, he is constantly at the ready to bring the sophisticated sound of drum-n-bass to the people.

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